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Kids cooking STEM summer time screen -free board buster ideas

Do your kids love to bake and cook?

Do they love shows like “Nailed it,” or “Chopped?”

Get them off screens and into the kitchen this year!

With summertime here, you’re probably thinking, “What are some great ways to keep my kids entertained but also learning and experimenting in a safe and fun environment?”

We have over 7 different links and will use sources for you to start cooking, creating and making it the best summer ever!

Did you know that it takes over six weeks to relearn all of the things that your kids have lost during the summertime?

Cooking and baking is a great way to bring science, STEM activities, math, fractions and learning the scientific method to a fun and delicious conclusion.

Hop on our blog now for all the links and resource list!

Article written by homeschool mom and blogger Christal Marie Marshall @virginiamarketingandmedia

Let's get them starte4d with a full out baking set- with all the tools that they need to get started!

as well to combine art, science and cooking all in one!

This edible candy kit is a great way to learn chemistry into something hands-on and fun!

Looking for something space saving? We have just the right kit for you!

Shh, don't tell the kids that this is a science text book- you would never know!

This top rated kid-approved cookbook will get them experimenting and creating in no-time.

OUTSCHOOL is a great virtual platform that can be a unique option for kids during that long summer months- to learn and to meet other kids while you work!

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