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Why you need a website as a small business


84% of users think that your business seams more reliable when it has a website, compared to only social media profiles

your address and brand in one place

Have your followers have a one-stop-shop to know exactly what to you do, your prices, and who you are without having to click through thousands of images on Instagram and Facebook - that will discourage them, and then prompt them to leave within a few seconds.

Recognition through Google

Create constant content through building, pages and blogs at least monthly so that your customers can find you more easily through powerful SEO

get an email following that you can capture people's information-

it’s really hard to know who clicks on your page through a Facebook ad, have people contact you, download a PDF or a free course to capture their information and create customers in the long term

saves admin time

Tired of being on the phone and email all day? Create landing page that tell your customers exactly what they want to know, frequently, asked questions, pricing, sheets, menus, and more before they even need to be on the phone with you!

create passive steams of income and boost sales through e-commerce

Make products, downloads, courses, subscription, pages, physical products, and more using powerful websites, like @wix , square space @squarespace Shopify, @shopify and more.

(Which website is best for you? There’s pros and cons to each DIY builder, personally we’ve been building wix for over 12 years @virginiamarketingandmedia and over 50 sites of been created by us!)

so now, you know the benefits, have you started building one this year for your new business idea? There’s so many people out there that are going to sell you website design starting at thousands of dollars!

make sure you talk to a local designer that specializes in DIY and money saving solutions for

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